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Nevada leather has been tanned with chromium salts. After this process, the leather is dyed with aniline dyes. Then we put a covering of colour pigments on top. The pigments provide a nice even colour. A leather pattern is pressed into the surface to achieve a uniform appearance. The transparent top finish gives the leather a strong wear layer. Finally, the walk-vat-treatment makes the leather extra smooth. This creates the wonderfully soft grip and makes the leather particularly suitable for various interior applications. 

You can identify original Nevada leather on the following typical and unique features:

  • Natural appearance, typical characteristics of leather remain visible and touchable: insect bites, scars and other minor imperfections.
  • Warm, solid colours
  • Wide colour palette
  • Strong wear layer
  • Soft grip

To maintain the characteristics of the leather we advise you to take the following basic rules:

  • Do not place your furniture in direct sunlight
  • Provide sufficient space between the radiator and furniture
  • Do not let your pet sit or lie on your furniture
  • Ensure a pleasant indoor climate: humidity ideally 45-55%

Preventive maintenance:
Keralux® set P
Keralux® cleaning glove set

Extra nutrition:
Keralux® leatherbalm

Extra protection:
Keralux® strong protector

Restoring colour:
Keralux® colour repair set

The transparant finish on pigmented leather protects it against most accidents. Use the LCK® cleaning glove weekly in order to keep the leather dust free. Apply the Keralux® set P twice a year. Keralux® Strong Protector P is an extra protection against soiling and colour transfer. If you use Keralux® Strong Protector P, please apply it the first time upon delivery of your new furniture and regularly twice a year always one day after you applied Keralux® lotion P.


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