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The hides of the water buffalos are chrome tanned and dyed with aniline dyestuff to get the typical characteristics of the Safari leather. Thereby the base colour is able to penetrate the fibres. Furthermore small imperfections can be adapted by slightly roughen and polishing the leather. During this professional process the leather is getting this typical fluffy appearance, which makes every hide unique. Original Safari leather is soft and comfortable.

Safari leather can be identified by the following typical features:

  • robust, luxurious appearance
  • fluffy surface, optical changes
  • natural colour differences made by handpolishing of the hides

In short, a living piece of nature, which is changed with the know-how of tanners into a seat furniture. Please observe the following recommendations in order to maintain the features of  leather:

  • Do not expose your leather furniture to direct sunlight.
  • Do not place your furniture directly next to the heating.
  • Pets are not allowed on furniture.
  • Ensure a pleasant indoor climate: approx. 45-55% atmospheric humidity, room temperature 18 °C – 21 °C.

Preventive maintenance:
Keralux® set Vi
LCK® cleaning glove set

Extra protection:
Keralux® spray N

Restoring colour: 
Keralux® colour repair set

Important protection from day one. Vintage leather needs sun protection and protection against liquids and stains. Therefore we recommend to apply Keralux® spray N with sun protection upon delivery of your new furniture. Follow the instructions on the package. It might be useful to buy an extra bottle of Keralux® spray N with sun protection. You can use that for the first treatment of new furniture. The Keralux® set Vi can be used minimum. twice a year. The LCK® cleaning glove set can be used weekly to keep the leather dust free.

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